What We Do

Ygender is a peer led support and advocacy organisation for trans and gender diverse young people. We were established in 2010 by a group of trans young people who realised that our community needed an autonomous space to support each other and advocate for our rights.

Seven young people in Ygender shirts


We run regular social events and discussion groups for trans/gender diverse young people to talk to each other, feel more connected with their communities, and hang out in a safe, inclusive space. All our events are free and open to anyone 25 and under!


We create videos and articles on gender diversity and trans rights. They're for trans people who want to know more about our rights and what support is out there, and for allies who want to better understand our community and what they can do to help.


We  run workshops and professional development sessions on trans rights, gender diversity, and inclusive practices. All our speakers are trans youth. If you’d like us to speak at your school, community group, workplace, or anywhere else, get in touch!


We’re committed to combating transphobia in all forms and supporting trans youth to have their voices heard. Advocacy centred around trans inclusive changes to legislation and government policies are at the core of what we do.


We answer questions from trans young people and their families and friends, and we help trans youth access binders, clothes, and other gender affirming items that can be hard to get. If you need help or just have a question email us at [email protected]

Trans Led, Youth Led

The best way to support trans young people is to listen to trans young people, so that's what we do! Every decision at Ygender is made by trans young people, because we're the experts in ourselves! Trans youth have a voice, Ygender is about giving those voices a platform.


Special thanks to the Albert van Moorst Memorial Trust for their generous support of Ygender and trans/gender diverse young people.