Trans People Need Inclusive Birth Certificates

The Victorian Parliament is considering new legislation that would make it much easier for trans/gender diverse people to change the gender marker on our birth certificates. You can help make sure this vital legislation passes.

Being forced to use ID that doesn’t match our gender is invalidating, insulting, and dangerous. We need to show ID when we enrol at school or university, apply for a job, get a working with children’s check, rent a home, open a bank account, apply for Centrelink, and so much more.

When the gender on our ID doesn’t match who we really are, we can be forced into outing ourselves as trans even when it’s not safe. For many having to show inaccurate ID is upsetting and causes dysphoria. Having the right ID makes our lives so much easier, and it sends a message to trans people that we are being recognised for who we really are.

Most MPs don’t know enough about trans people and the barriers we face to understand why having the right ID is so important. That’s where you come in. We need to tell them why this matters.

Learn about the birth certificate bill and what it means for trans youth:

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