TransChat: Religion and Queerness

#TransChat is a monthly twitter chat at the end of every month for trans/gender diverse people, hosted by the Ygender twitter account. We’ll be kicking off at 6pm AEST on the 31st of August and this month we’re talking about religion and queerness!

The questions will be:

  • Q0. Introduce yourself however you like

  • Q1. How do you practice or relate to religion as a queer person?

  • Q2. Has your relationship with religion or views on religion changed over time?

  • .Q3 How do you deal with queer spaces that don’t respect your religion/culture? What about religious/cultural spaces that don’t respect your gender or sexuality?

  • Q4. How do we make queer spaces inclusive for religious queer people? How do we still hold space for the bad experiences many queer people have had in religious spaces?

  • Q5. Who’s already doing great work in this space? Any activists, queer religious people, articles, or videos we should be looking at?

If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: 

“A1 [your message] #TransChat”.

If your tweets contain potentially triggering content, please include appropriate specific CWs!

Remember to use the #TransChat hashtag when you tweet so others can follow the discussion, and don’t forget to capitalise both words in the hashtag - it makes it easier to read and we want our online spaces to be accessible! 

You can see the whole discussion by following #TransChat (or searching it), and setting the page to ‘Latest’. This is also a great way to check out past chats!

Looking forward to talking to you!