TDOV Twitter Chat

To celebrate Trans Day of Visibility, we’re launching our very first #TransChat, a monthly twitter chat which will be held on the last Sunday of every month. We’ll be kicking off at 6pm AEDT.

This month’s theme is, appropriately, REPRESENTATION.

Our questions will be:

  • Q0 Introduce yourself however you like

  • Q1 Which canonically trans characters do you love?

  • Q2 What characters do you headcanon as trans?

  • Q3 What tropes are you tired of seeing?

  • Q4 What kind of trans representation do you want to see more of?

  • Q5 Are there any trans creators (including yourself!) who you want to tell people about?

You can answer as many or as few questions as you feel like!

If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #TransChat”.

If your tweets contain potentially triggering content, please include appropriate specific CWs!

Remember to use the #TransChat hashtag when you tweet so others can follow the discussion!

You can see the whole discussion by following the #TransChat hashtag (or searching it), and setting the page to ‘Latest’.

Looking forward to (kind of) seeing you there!