Reuben's Reviews

Stick Around Tattoo
Allie is a tattooist located in Brunswick. Over the past few years they have developed a unique and gorgeous style of hand-poked dotwork and linework. Many of her pieces combine faces or parts of faces with florals, geometric elements, and other disruptions such as the lower half of the face dripping down. Other common motifs include ancient Greek-style busts, snakes, florals, and animals. I can’t wait to get tattooed by them! Find them at or at @stickaroundtattoo on Insta.

Left at London
While not technically a local artist, or even an Australian one, Left at London has a fun and funky (fun/ky if you will) sound that would fit perfectly into the Melbourne music scene. According to her website, frontwoman Nat Puff’s songs are about her life and mental health. Her sound ranges from upbeat to poignant and everything in between.

Seattle singer Left at London would fit perfectly into the Melbourne indie music scene. Her upbeat and poignant songs draw from her life as a trans woman with multiple mental illnesses. Find her on Spotify, Instagram and more as Left at London!

Ravit is a lovely soul. Zher art is mostly collages that, according to zher insta, explore “themes of emotional nuances, human interactions and processes we create to understand the world around us.” Zher art incorporates zher spiritual beliefs and practices, including Judaism and “witchy” practices. The variety of influences at work in zher art combine to create a vibe that is warm and homey while simultaneously unsettling enough to provoke thought. I don’t know much about art, but I know I like zhers. Check zher out at @ravit_art_space on Instagram.