We’re always keen to work with other groups and to support great initiatives and events! The best way to get in touch is by emailing [email protected], and here are a few things that will make it easier.

Let us know who you are 
If you’re doing this for a uni assignment, part of another queer group, or just a passionate person working on an individual project, tell us! It helps us to know what perspective you’re coming from.

Share the details
This one’s especially important if you’re asking us to speak at an event that’s already been planned. Let us know the date/time, location, and how many people who expect to be there, so we can work out how many volunteers we’ll need and when they should be free.

Even if it’s not already organised, telling us what timeframe you’re working with is really helpful for us when we’re trying to work out if we have the capacity to be involved.

If you know what you’re looking for from us (a speaker, help promoting the event, youth facilitators, etc.), or just want to talk about how we could work together, tell us in that first email!

If you’re just exploring ideas or haven’t decided on any of this, that’s totally fine too, and please do get in touch anyway!

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