Support Us


Why donate?
Ygender is a not for profit youth led group that operates without core funding, and we’re entirely volunteer-run.

Without the support of our generous donors, we wouldn’t be able to support trans/gender diverse young people nearly as much as we do now. Donations support us to keep running events where trans youth can connect with each other, have fun, and get peer support; to create more ground-breaking resources on gender diversity; and to keep providing training for other organisations to become more trans inclusive.

Make a Direct Donation
You can donate directly via bank transfer.
Account name: Ygender
BSB: 033-002
Account number: 948445

You can host an event, run a bake sale at your school, have a casual clothes day, or anything else you think of, and donate the proceeds to Ygender.

If you’d like support with fundraising, want to donate in a different way, or have any other questions, email us at [email protected]!