Trans Youth Support Kits

[image description: a trans young person wearing a Ygender shirt is smiling as they put more clothes on a long table. The table already as lots of clothes, and a box labels ‘shirts’. Another table with more clothes can be seen in the background.]

For trans young people, being able to express themselves and affirm their gender has an amazingly positive impact. Clothes, binders, and bras can all help us to feel happier and more comfortable, be actively involved with our communities, and feel safer and more secure in our identity.

Unfortunately, some trans youth can’t access the gender affirming items that they need. They can be expensive, and not all stores are safe or comfortable spaces for trans people.

The Clothes Swap
We host a clothes swap every school holidays where trans young people can give away clothes they no longer want or get free clothes in a safe, welcoming environment with other trans young people!

Trans Youth Support Kits
Clothes aren’t the only thing that trans young people need to be able to express ourselves! Binders, bras, bra inserts, and make-up can all be really important too.  We help trans young people access free or subsidised gender affirming items, order them, and have them shipped straight to us. Trans young people can then pick them up at our events or offices without worrying about outing themselves before they’re ready.

Need gender affirming items?
If you’re a trans or gender diverse young person and you need help to access clothes or other gender affirming items, come along to our clothes swap or get in touch at [email protected]!

Want to support trans youth?
We’ve been successfully running these events for a year, and we’ve supported over 150 trans young people to access the items they need to feel comfortable, confident and happy.. If you’d like to help us support even more trans/gender diverse young people, make a donation here.

[two trans young people standing in front of a brick wall, smiling and holding binders]
A Guide to Binding Safely
For info on different binding methods, where to get a binder, and how to make sure you’re binding safely, check out this guide!

Why Binders Matter
Rory shares his experience with accessing binders, and talks about why they’re so important.