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What do I do if I’m interested in volunteering?

Just fill out this form: https://forms.gle/4YqnYuZF9AAfqSR38

Who can volunteer at Ygender?

Ygender is trans-led and youth-led. All our volunteers are trans/gender diverse young people aged 25 or under. Trans/gender diverse is an umbrella term for anyone who doesn’t exclusively identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

What do Ygender volunteers do?

We have monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm where we plan events, resources, and projects and decide who will work on what. All Ygender volunteers are expected to contribute to something, but which things you work on is up to you. Some of the things we do are

Run events
We run three events every month for trans/gender diverse young people to connect with each other, have fun, and access peer support. More events are run by two volunteers, and larger events are run by more of us. Volunteers set up, run the event, and pack up after, and our events usually run for two hours.

  • We run discussion events, where facilitators will pick a topic beforehand, think of questions or prompts to talk about, and then facilitate a conversation around that. Past topics have included Being Non-binary, Disability, Gender Expression, Masculinity, and Trans-Fem Discussion Night.

  • We have a regular board games afternoon on the first Sunday of the month. We have some board games at Ygender and attendees are welcome to bring their own.

  • Other events include clothes swaps, crafternoons, movie days, workshops, and any other activities that any volunteers want to run. To see what events we’ve held in the past go to facebook.com/ygender/events

Write articles
We post articles on gender diversity, trans rights, youth issues, and queer issues. Articles are written by any interested volunteer and edited by one of our committee members. Some articles don’t need much editing, and some volunteers ask for more support to write their piece. Some topics we cover are:

  • Trans/gender diverse young people sharing their personal experiences

  • Information about different parts of transition/gender affirmation

  • Explanations on current issue that affect queer/trans/young people

  • Being trans and disabled

  • Being trans and a person of colour

  • How to be trans-inclusive

Online content
Ygender has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account. Volunteers can:

  • Find articles, videos, graphics, and other content that we should share

  • Write original posts

  • Create original graphics/images

  • Answer messages

Admin and fundraising

  • Answering emails

  • Booking rooms

  • Reaching out to other organisations to work together

  • Writing grant applications


  • Calling, emailing, or meeting with MPs

  • Writing guides to help other people contact their MPs

  • Speaking up and educating others about relevant issues

  • Supporting trans young people who are being discriminated against

We run workshops on trans inclusion and gender diversity for schools, unis, health services, community groups, legal services, and anyone else who wants to learn more about supporting trans people. All our workshops are delivered by volunteers.

This list definitely isn’t everything, but it gives you a good idea of what kind of things Ygender volunteers do.

What if I have another idea?

Great! We suggest new projects to each other at our monthly meetings, held on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm in the city.

What kind of support to Ygender volunteers have?

All Ygender volunteers receive training when they join, and we run more training throughout the year at our monthly meetings. Ygender has a committee made up of experienced trans young people so that all volunteers always know who to go to if they need help with anything.